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Cost Basis Calculator

As a resource to our shareholders, Tupperware Brands Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of the NetBasis Cost Basis system. NetBasis will automatically calculate the cost basis for your Tupperware Brands stock. To use the system, you will need your purchase/acquisition/sales dates and the number of shares acquired and/or sold on those dates. The NetBasis system will do the rest, providing you with your Cost Basis, Gain/Loss and Sale Proceeds as well as the current status of your investment. NetBasis will also provide you with supporting documentation if needed.

When you select the NetBasis Cost Basis icon below, you will be leaving Tupperware Brands' website and will be redirected to the NetBasis system. Please note that there is a transaction fee to use this service which is posted on the NetBasis web site. Tupperware Brands Corporation receives no compensation from NetBasis. Tupperware Brands shall have no liability for any information received from the NetBasis system.

If you have any questions using the NetBasis system, you can call their 24/7 Customer Care Call Center, 1-888-80-BASIS (1-888-802-2747) or use the Live Web Chat service located on the Help button once you have logged on to the system.