A global leader

A marketer of innovative, premium products across multiple brands utilizing a social selling method through an independent sales force.


Emerging66% of 2016 Sales

Established34% of 2016 Sales

Our largest opportunities exist in the emerging markets which are home to over 85% of the world population and were 66% of 2016 sales up from less than half in 2006.

  • We have exciting opportunities to grow our emerging market sales especially in China and India
  • Emerging markets have a growing middle class that desire aspirational brands and products
  • In emerging economies we can offer an earnings opportunity to women where there is lower employment of women outside the home
Vision 2020

Strengthen the Core Business Model

Our powerful business model has brought us years of growth. Here we look to better execute the levers of our business model globally, to deliver more consistent growth.

Extend our Reach

The initiatives under this strategy are focused on becoming more relevant and reachable to sales force and consumers, going beyond the traditional party through partnering with our sales force members.